Do you have broken toys,

 we will repair for free


Abiko toy hospital

Children's smiles came back to life as toys came to life.
Abiko Toy Hospital is a volunteer group that repairs toys.
You want to breathe new life into toys that have broken down or never moved in front of your child.
We hope to put a smile on many children's faces by repairing broken toys.


Dr. Tokuya Murakami, Hospital Administrator
No medical fees
Is there an actual cost to replace the parts?
Most of the replacement parts (50-300 yen)


hospital opening Schedule  

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Please read and understand the following points before visiting the clinic.
・We don't accept anything that doesn't fit the purpose of the  toy hospital.
・Volunteers are under no obligation to make repairs.
・It is not possible to repair all of your desired toys.
・Repairs are free. There is no charge for processing or  

 exchanging materials.
・Replacement of parts is the actual cost. (The majority of

 them are under 300 yen.)
・Repairs may make your symptoms worse.
・We do not compensate for all of these.
・You will be contacted as soon as your treatment is complete.

 Hospitalized toys.
・Please pick up the item within 2 weeks of contacting us.
・We will dispose of any items after two weeks from the time  you contact us.



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  Information on "Abiko Toy Hospital"
Our hospital is dedicated to fostering a spirit of valuing things.

"Abiko Toy Hospital" is a voluntary organization founded in 2013 by "Dr. Toy" who lives in Abiko.
In March 2013, we were approved as a "volunteer citizen activity group" by the Abiko City Council of Social Welfare and have been doing so to this day.

The purpose is.
   At the same time, we utilize the abundant experience, knowledge and skills of our volunteers to help each other as a member of the local social welfare activities. Abiko Toy Hospital is a volunteer organization with a desire to contribute to the community and enrich lives through the repair of toys.